New Pimple Foods

New Pimple Foods…    Hi Ladies   Thank you for being by taste testers while I perfected the Tahinni & Buckwheat Treat.   This slice was created for skins like mine… I just need to look at a congesting food and I get a pimple!   Well as healthy food fads come and go, I […]

Severe Rosacea Healed Naturally

Severe Rosacea Healed Naturally    Hi Ladies   Here is a photo of my latest skin disorder success.   This beautiful lady came to very distraught after searching for answers for 2 years and getting know where.   After an in depth consultation I was able to tell her exactly what was causing the problem […]

Chemicals In Your Gut?

Chemicals In Your Gut?   Hello Ladies   If you have been following my recent Blogs, you will understand the direct connection between:   ~Gut health & Beauty   Many of you are aware once my daughter Ella (nearly Eight years ago now) was diagnosed with Autism I did a lot of research into gut […]

Look Who’s Inspiring Beauty Therapists

Look who’s inspiring Beauty Therapists   As most of you know I attended the Janesce Holistic Journey Conference last month.   I always get excited to when it’s time to knuckle down and absorb the latest in holistic beauty but I was super nervous because I was asked to take part!   Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!   These […]

Gut Love XO

Gut Love XO    A new wave of scientific gut research is highlighting the direct connection between gut health and skin health.   Well… actually I’ve been saying this for years, but it seems the beauty industry is finally catching up!   This is great news for you because my beloved Bestow Range has just […]

Good News

Good News 🙂   Hi Ladies, goodness isn’t it about time you had some good news?   Well I have plenty…   New Facials.. more facials.. so many facial options for all budgets!   Online bookings will be here for Level 2!!   Credit Card payments accepted!!!   Packages coming!!!!   But for now.. right […]

Beauty During Covid…

Beauty During Covid… Updated: Aug 14, 2020   Kia orana Ladies   Yay!! Level 3 is here, one step closer to the land of normal… fingers crossed.   I hope you are well and ready to get stuck into some beauty!!   A few exciting things I’ve been up to….   I have successfully removed over […]

New New New

New New New   Kiaorana Ladies   Just in time for Level 2 I have loads of new for you!   NEW Online Booking!!!!   I am so excited to offer online booking. Just click the above link and book yourself in.   For a full description of a particular treatment you may still want […]

Last Chance…

Last Chance…   Hi Ladies Summer is fast approaching so it’s your last chance to book your Cosmelan pigmentation treatment. Cosmelan will remove sun damage AND hormonal pigmentation AND freckles, which is why it it the number one pigmentation treatment in the world!     If you are on social media you may see other […]

Cellulite / Health and Beauty

Cellulite / Health and Beauty    Cellulite is a visible sign there are toxins being stored in the skin.  When the liver, kidney and gut get overloaded they pass on the toxins to the blood. The blood goes round and round until the toxins settle in the deeper layers of skin called the subcutaneous layer… or […]