New New New


Kiaorana Ladies


Just in time for Level 2 I have loads of new for you!


NEW Online Booking!!!!


I am so excited to offer online booking. Just click the above link and book yourself in.


For a full description of a particular treatment you may still want to check out my website which has been updated.


Please do not worry if this isn’t your thing, I’m just providing another option. You can still contact me direct if that suits you better 🙂

NEW Facials


They are all up on my website ready for you to have a mosey through.


There are now options for all budgets and busy schedules.


I have managed to bring the cost of the Mesoestetic Medi Facials down by shortening the time from 1 &1/2 hours to 1 hour.


BUT if you want to continue with the 1&1/2 hr Medi Facial just go to ‘Add On’s’ on the online booking system and add on ‘Tea + Treat Pamper’.


This will extend the facial back to it’s original time and price. Phew I hope that makes sense!


NEW Credit Card Payments


I can now email you an invoice so you can pay with credit card woo hoo!


NEW YOU Anti Aging Package


1 x Mesoestetic Needling


1 x Mesoestetic Medi Facial


1 x SRS Non Invasive Face Lift


This package is split into 2 separate treatments over 4 weeks in order to achieve the best result. I have to book this for you so flick me a message if you’re interested.


Cost: $559 Save $150!


NEW Special


4 x SRS Non Invasive Face Lift


Includes Face & Neck Only


This package is split into 4 separate treatments over 2-4 weeks to achieve the best result.


I have to book this for you so flick me a message if you’re interested.


Cost: $399 Save $201!


For a limited time only.


NEW Special


Tell your friends about me 🙂


Refer a friend and let me gift you this wonderful Bestow Beauty Organic Tea Pack.


It includes:


Full Size Eternitea Hibiscus & Cinnamon


Bestow Tea Taster Set, Luminositea, Eternitea,Puritea & Beautea


Stainless Steel Tea Infuser


So you can see I’ve been a very busy lady during lock down.


As always it is my goal to provide the best service and experience and I’m sure you all agree.


Please contact me if you have any questions… pamper you soon xxx

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