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Cellulite is a visible sign there are toxins being stored in the skin.

When the liver, kidney and gut get overloaded they pass on the toxins to the blood. The blood goes round and round until the toxins settle in the deeper layers of skin called the subcutaneous layer… or fatty layer.


There are many structures in the skin. As the toxins build up, blood and lymphatic circulation are hindered and this creates stage one cellulite… fluid retention.


If the toxins continue to build up they start to press on the vertical structures called connective tissue which are holding up the skin like the structural beams of a house.


These beams begin to bend, creating an uneven bumpy surface we call cellulite.


Sooo cellulite is not a fat peoples problem, it is a visual side effect of the toxic lifestyles so many of us lead.


How do I personally deal to it?


Well, if the issue stems from over loaded liver, kidneys and gut… then I’m gonna sort my liver, kidneys and gut.


Every year I prep for summer. I’m a holistic therapist, so that doesn’t mean slaughtering myself at the gym and eating lettuce.


It means I do a gentle yet very effective cleanse of my detox organs. I’ve just finished my 2nd bottle of Janesce Organic Aperitif which flushes my liver, kidneys, gut and cleanses my blood. I’m also taking Bestow Cleanse Powder which encourages peristalsis, the contraction of the gut muscle, to remove old waste and toxins stored there for a flat tummy and a super light feeling. ITS NOT A LAXATIVE!!!


The difference starts in a couple days when both of these are used together.


Purchase this summer lovin duo here $99 and receive a FREE Bestow Beauty Body Brush to encourage lymphatic flow OR Janesce Organic Detox Bath Salts which will remineralize your cells encourage them to let go of waste.


Organic Bath Salt Ingredients: Essential Oils Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Epsom Salts.

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