Severe Rosacea Healed Naturally


Hi Ladies


Here is a photo of my latest skin disorder success.


This beautiful lady came to very distraught after searching for answers for 2 years and getting know where.


After an in depth consultation I was able to tell her exactly what was causing the problem and how we were going to tackle it over a 3 month period.


Her skin is now radiant and glowing just as I promised.


No conventional medicines were used, just Certified Organic Janesce skin care, Organic Bestow Supplements and Dietary Changes.


Have a read of her testimonial if you like:


Simone has outstanding expertise when it comes to chronic skin conditions. Her wealth of knowledge is more than skin deep as she addresses the root of the problem, rather than offering a quick fix solution. I came to Simone after suffering for 2 years with a terrible skin disorder. I had been down an expensive, frustrating and time consuming path seeing different specialists but with absolutely no results. By the time I saw Simone I was desperate for someone to help heal my skin condition. There were plenty of clinics offering a pharmaceutical drug to fix the problem and as desperate as I was to have clear skin, I didn’t want to compromise my immune system even further by using anything harsh which would have other side effects. When a friend told me about Simone, I booked to see her immediately. Simone was so professional, but also extremely kind and patient, she really listened to my health history and explained to me the link between gut health and skin health, she showed me how to have healthy skin, we needed to start from the inside and work out. I had cut out a lot of known allergens in my diet to try to improve my skin, but Simone advised that I needed to add some things back into my diet, such as good fats. She also introduced me to the beautiful Janesce and Bestow skincare range (which is fantastic as it’s all natural!). In less than 3 months since my initial consultation with Simone, my skin has improved dramatically. I actually can’t believe how in such a short space of time I’ve seen such huge results! I thoroughly recommend Simone to anyone who is experiencing troubled skin and who wants to achieve glowing results!


Have a lovely day xxxx

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