Hi ladies, I hope you’re as happy as I am to see the back of winter.

Warmer weather means soon we will be showing off our pins and unleashing our bodies on the beach or by the pool.

I’m here to help you get ready with these 3 silhouette refining options.

1.  Endermologie for smoothing lumpy bits and removing fluid build-up

Endermologie breaks down fibrous tissue that causes cellulite and fluid retention in the skins fatty layer. This induces the tissues to release fat while activating blood and lymphatic circulation.

WARNING Endermologie is addictive!

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Endermologie Single Price $150 / Time 45 minutes / Prepay Course of 10 $1300, save $200

2. Endermologie Plus!

Includes Endermologie Plus includes application of MCCM’s powerful detoxing ampoules, combined with my new favourite cellulite buster, ‘Temple Cream.’ Together these medical grade actives will have your fatty tissue buzzing with heat and circulation, further breaking down that fibrous tissue increasing fat breakdown.

Endermologie Plus Single Price $200 / Time 60 minutes / Prepay Course of 10 $1600 save $200

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Need a more intense slimming treatment?

3. New Slimming Plus – 90 minutes of full body fat blasting!

Slimming Plus Combines Endermologie, MCCM actives, Full Body Lymphatic Drainage plus an Organic Naturopathic Detox Shot for an intense silhouette refining experience.

Step One: Manual breakdown of cellulite fatty tissue with Endermologie.

Step Two: Application of MCCM’s powerful detoxing ampoules plus my new fav cellulite buster Temple Cream.

Step Three: Full Body Lymphatic Massage to drain away all the rubbish released in step one & two!

Step Four: You will be served a shot of Janesce Organic Aperitif, a powerful blend of herbs designed to flush the liver, blood, gut & kidneys.

Slimming Plus will have you feeling slimmer, tighter and summer ready.

Slimming Plus Single Price $299 / Time 90 mins / Prepay course of 8 $2140 save $250

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NEW MCCM Medical Cosmetics in Salon Now!

MCCM specialize in Anti Aging – providing me with a brand new bag of actives to bring back volume, lift and colour to your skin.

I have ampoules for Africa to choose from when it comes to needling and can also add them in to your favourite non invasive face lift treatment SRS.

Hyaluronic Acid is essential to all skin care regimes from mid 20’s up. This amazing molecule holds so much water that it plumps the skin in whatever layer or layers it is designed to sit. Starting at just $111, I have you covered!

Janesce Perfecting Gel sits in the very top layer plumping fine lines while strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Janesce Ageless Serum contains double the amount of hyaluronin as Perfecting Gel + liquid oxygen and silk to bring colour and vibrance back to mature skins.

MCCM’s Hyaluronic Peptide Repair combines hyaluronin for deep set wrinkles and peptides to stop aging at a DNA level. This baby is 2 serums in 1!

As always I have loads of new goodies in salon so you’ll have to come and see me to find out more. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Most of you know my girl Ella is a digital artist… here is one of her creations 🙂

Take care ladies and I’ll see you soon x