Meet lovely Kate, she came to me 6 months ago.

After a thorough consultation and analysis, I diagnosed her with 2 forms of acne and a severely damaged barrier.

Kate had tried many things for her skin, including visiting expensive Doctors and following their advice meticulously. The doctors advice was to use acids on the skin to dry out the oil flow and take the contraceptive pill to balance her hormones. The results… her skin went from bad to worse.

Acids are given to clean out the pores and dry up excess oil flow. BUT in the process they remove some seriously important skin layers containing some seriously important functions and protection. Also they can actually stimulate oil flow as a backlash from the skin trying to protect itself.

The contraceptive pill is given to control hormone output. BUT this removes the bodies ability to produce female sex hormones completely. What if the issue is that the liver doesn’t flush hormones well and therefore the blood is full of old stored up hormones causing havoc? Taking the pill isn’t going to fix this.

As I mentioned earlier, Kate had two types of acne. One was blocked pores causing pimples and the other was hormonal cysts which are actually swollen glands UNDER the skin.

My holistic approach was to find out why Kates oil glands were producing so much congesting oil that was blocking her pores, then teach her how to produce a clear healthy oil that will make her skin glow. Also I needed to find out why the glands under Kates skin were swelling up causing painful cysts, then teach her how to calm them down. Lastly I needed to teach Kate how to grow a super strong and resilient barrier that will heal her red, raw and sensitive skin.

Kate spent roughly $2,000 on consultations and skin care. She tried 3 different doctors, with one of them diagnosing her with ‘bad genetics’.

Kate finally lost faith when the last doctor suggested moving on to a high dose of tretinoin a synthetic form of Vitamin A stronger than retinol, to rapidly exfoliate her already painful skin.

So strong is this stuff, that Kate was asked to sign a form saying she would take two forms of contraception AND THAT IF SHE DID FALL PREGNANT WHILST ON TRETINOIN SHE WOULD TERMINATE THE BABY… what the heck!

Thank goodness Kate stopped right there.

The skin is a mirror of what’s happening internally.

When we have eruptions, the skin is saying “Dear owner look at me, please take notice.”

As a side note I didn’t perform any facials on Kate. I healed her skin with consultation only. So, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to heal your skin holistically with me.

To finish, with regards to healing skin, you need skin specific advice. It’s to be applauded when someone chooses to go natural, but even naturopaths don’t understand skin unless they have done skin specific training. Im a skin specific beauty therapist… skin is my thing 🙂

Here is Kate’s version of her journey:

In my early-mid 20’s, I started a mixture of contraceptives. About 3 or 4 different types of OCP, mini pill and the depot injection.

Acne started about this time and got worse as I hit 24-26. Large painful cysts and constantly getting acne despite eating a clean diet, sleep and exercise. I started consulting a Dr about this time. She recommended benzoyl peroxide at 5% and prescribed retinol which I used under her instructions.

My acne got worse, was very inflamed, sore and red. I would take update pictures every week and send them to her.

Her advice was to continue using the regime and that it would “get better”. After a few weeks of doing this routine, my skin was painful. I couldn’t wear a mask without pain or irritation, and my skin began to flake off (you can see in some of the pictures).

I was using moisturiser every hour, because the pain would become too much.

I then went to another Dr for advice, and she told me I just had “bad genetics” and that it was a side effect of the contraception.

I had spent over $2,000 worth of products, and hundreds of hours watching acne videos on YouTube. Still nothing worked. From high end acne products, to chemist warehouse, nothing seemed to work. I went to the Dr’s multiple times and saw 3 different Dr’s about it. The final straw was when she suggested I go on a high dosage of tretinoin and that I would have to sign an agreement stating I would use 2 types of contraception and if I was to fall pregnant, I would have to terminate it as a side effect was birth defects.

At this point I was sick of trialling things. I had been trialling things for about 2 years and didn’t want to put more pills into my body to counteract another side effect.

I ended up finding out about Simone via another beauty therapist who had recommended her. At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t want to spend hundreds (again) on a solution that might not work for me. Because every “solution” I had tried had failed. My aunty ended up buying the initial consultation for me as a gift, as I was very sceptical and at my wits end. I couldn’t be bothered “trialling” yet another option! I was sure it was going to fail just like everything else. I was at breaking point. My skin was so unhealthy, and I didn’t know why. I had done everything “right”, but somehow my skin was horrible. I tracked my water intake, my calories/macros, alcohol, exercise, sleep, limited my takeaways etc. I couldn’t understand it. I would have breakdowns over the state of my skin and my confidence was taking a toll.

After my first consultation with Simone, I was feeling a bit more confident and willing to give it a shot. But deep down I did wonder if it was “really going to work”.

She gave me a plan and meticulously went through my diet and habits. It was the most in depth consultation I had ever received, which was very reassuring. She also had amazing skin, so I was willing to listen to her and follow her advice!

Within a month of Simone’s plan, my skin felt a lot softer and healthier. Things were finally looking up. My skin healed very quickly, and I was barely getting any acne. In the past, it was common to get about 3-7 new pimples per day! This dropped to about one or two per week, and then eventually down to nothing. My skin felt rejuvenated and fresh, a feeling I have not had in years.

I used to wear makeup to cover up the marks and blemishes, and now I barely ever wear it. The transformation has been crazy, and in such a short space of time. My skin feels so healthy, the best it has ever felt in my life.

I have gained back my confidence and can finally smile when I look in the mirror 🥰🥰🥰