Janesce Soaking Cloth Pack of Three


How to use:

Partially fill your hand basin with warm water.

Add 2-3 Janesce Soaking Drops to the water.

Take several deep breaths, enjoying the therapeutic fragrance.

Immerse your soaking cloth in the warm water.

Wring out excess water.

Press the damp cloth to your face and neck area, taking five slow, deep breaths.

Repeat steps 4-6 several times to fully hydrate the skin.

Immediately apply Janesce products to seal in moisture.


100% cotton muslin specially designed to bathe, hydrate and gently exfoliate your skin. Paper packaging.

How to care for your cloth:

Rinse well, wring out and air between use. Cloths can be used several times before washing. We recommend a warm, gentle machine wash with light colours. Our cloths prefer natural detergents but can survive regular.




Immerse your Janesce Soaking Cloth in warm water that has been infused with Janesce Soaking Drops. Wring out the excess water and press the damp cloth to your face and neck. Take five slow, deep breaths and enjoy the process. Repeat this step at least three times to ensure your skin is fully hydrated. Immediately apply Janesce products to seal in the botanically enriched hydration.


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