Janesce Re-Energizing Complex


A powerful new concentrate containing 10 plant extracts and a silk protein.

Designed for women approaching their forties and above, to bring vitality and balance to the skin.

Each of the plants included in this blend offers a special benefit to the skin:

Gingko biloba Slowing down ageing effects of free radicals is a prime consideration / Myrrh Encouraging gentle microcirculation / Ginseng Oxygenation / Rose Hydration and refining / Chamomile Tissue strengthening and calming / Viola tricolor Soothing sensitivities / Lavender Balancing secretions / Marshmallow Softening / Oats Emollient / Liquid silk A protective gentle film.

Added to the above, are essential oils to support the psyche of the wearer – rose geranium (pure love of self) and rosewood (gently soothing anxieties).




Fill your basin with approximately 2 cm of warm water. Add 2 or 3 drops of the Soaking Drops to the water, saturate a soft cloth, wring out excess water and press into the skin. Re-wet your cloth and repeat.New Section Content Here


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