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Eve exists to give you insight and understanding of one pivotal part of your health: your unique sex and stress hormonal makeup, and to provide you with tips around how to nurture yourself through your diet, exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.

Sex and stress hormone struggles show up in many ways, such as low energy, menstrual issues, mental health challenges (like anxiety, depression and unstable moods), cramping and pain, weight gain, the inability to lose or gain weight, headaches, low libido, brain fog, skin issues such as acne, water retention and bloating, and irregular periods.

Understand the intricate miracle that is your body through insight into your sex and stress hormones, thus empowering you to take the best action towards your best health.

Beautiful test kit delivered to your door.

Easy to follow instructions and collection.

Free postage back to our lab

Measures 18 different markers – main sex hormones (progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA) and metabolites.

Results analysed by our PhD laboratory scientists and Eve Wellness consultant.

Comprehensive, easy to understand Results report.

Personalised Diet, Movement, Mindfulness and Nutritional recommendations tailored to your results.

Eve Macronutrient Profile recipe book.

Follow up email support.


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